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How to Design an Amazing Website in 6 Easy Steps

June 30, 2020

Written by Marcy Beuses

With a passion for seeing small businesses succeed, Marcy Beuses has two years experience writing content driven articles that are focused on driving conversions and marketing for all start-ups.

Why Is Website Design Important?

If you are like me, website design might not make a lot of sense to you. If you asked me what the Pantone Color of the Year was, I might be able to give you the hue but not the color number, or the history behind it. Design does not come easy to everyone, and that is okay. However, when it comes to your website, you want it to look great and be functional. 

How many times have you seen a beautiful sight, but have to leave before you can even make your purchase because you couldn’t find where you need to go? The user experience (UX) of your site is important to your customers. Does your site fulfill their needs? However, when designing a site, you also need to focus on the user interface (UI). These two things should be at the core of your website. Without either of them, you only have a place on the internet, but that doesn’t mean anything. 

Define Your Goal For Your Website Design

Women on a laptop that is sitting on a desk.

To start designing your site, you must begin where so many aspects of the internet start. Define your goals. What do you want from your site? Are you informing your audience on your services, or just offering up to date news? Once you narrow this down, you can start your research. 

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is used to provide professional information about your work as either an individual, or company. Think of it as a showcase for your best work. Think of your portfolio site as an extension for your resume, showing off your work for your customers to see what you can provide them to solve their problems. 

Establish Communication 

This is pretty straight forward, you want your audience to contact you or the brand. Whether it is for franchising options or questions on your services, you want to establish that communication line.

Informational Site

Sites such as CNN or your local news outlets. 

Providing a service

Sites such as SEMrush, or bitly fall under the “service” website category. You can provide an online service for free or a paid option. 

Creating a User Persona

Example of a in depth user persona, including an image of a man, his motivations and personality, a key step fr website design.

User personas are a key step in any research. However, when creating a user persona for creating a website, there are more elements to look at than just how much money that person makes and their gender. 

This step can be difficult for a lot of people. How can someone just make up an entire person that you are trying to sell to? When creating a user persona, you have to look at anyone who will benefit from your service. When designing your website, you want to make sure that everyone’s needs are being met, whether you are showing your patrons that you offer outdoor seating or vegan options. You have to have enough information that will inform all of them. 

“If you already have analytics or information that you can base your user persona off of, you are off to a good start. If you don’t know, now is the time to start thinking about who you want to attract to your site.” Adrian

Define Your Sitemap and Scope of Your Website Design

Notebook with a scope map for a website, sitting on a wooden table with a iPhone, a key step in website design.

What is a sitemap? A sitemap is a diagram showing the structure of your site to define the hierarchy of your pages. Scoping refers to how many pages are being created for your site. Both of these are key to creating your site and setting up great user experience. 

Creating your website’s sitemap doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Depending on the scope of your site, it can be simple enough. When you are scoping your site, make sure you know what is most important to your audience. What are they looking for? You must make sure that all of their needs are being assessed correctly. 

Unfortunately, it’s not only that if they need their needs met, you also have to make sure that it is met easily. If you have your audience looking under rocks to find the information they are looking for, odds are they will leave before you can finish the sale. 

“Think about what you need first, because there is always room for growth in a website. Focus on the roots and watch your website grow. In short, start off simple, then go from there. There is always room for improvement.” Adrian 


White board with a wireframe/behavior flow chart for website design.

Wireframing is creating the skeleton or roadmap that your visitors have available to them when they first visit your website. Your user personas will come to play with this step. Depending on the type of visitors coming to your site, they may go down different routes. 

 “Make the road as short as possible, don’t make them click through your entire site, make your home page easy to find everything without frustration.” Adrian 


The UI, or User Interface is the branding for your website design. This includes the images, colors and fonts being used. Any graphical component being used to create and design the website. Using buttons for your CTAs (Call to actions) is a great way to help your user interface.

Make sure that everything looks great on different screens while at the same time being able to honor the colors of your logo, your brand, and the aesthetic / culture Your product or services.” Adrian


Once all the above steps are taken care of and you have a defined goal, your visitors can find what they want while at the same time going though a beautiful and functional website. However, none of that matters if you don’t track how successful your site is becoming. It is important to see through data (applications like Google analytics for example), if your visitors are actually doing what it is that you need them to. 

Pay close attention to which Pages they are going to, and how much time they are spending on your website, etc. Gathering all this information will give you pointers and suggestions as to what to focus on and where to improve ss weeks go by of your website being live. 

These steps may seem daunting however, they play a key role in your website design. This is why so many seek professional help when it comes to designing a website. If you are looking to start a new venture or simply need an update for your website, we can help. 
Adrimedia is a full service graphic design studio located in Orlando, Florida.  Bringing brand identity to Florida is a passion for us all. Let us help your business be the very best it can be.  Contact us at: info@adrimediadesign.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Adrimediadesign

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