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Website Audit Checklist

June 18, 2020

Written by Marcy Beuses

With a passion for seeing small businesses succeed, Marcy Beuses has two years experience writing content driven articles that are focused on driving conversions and marketing for all start-ups.
Adrimedia Design Website Audit Checklist

What is a website audit? 

A website audit is as important for your site as your routine maintenance on your car. You have to keep your oil fresh for you to get the most out of your drive. The same goes for your website. An audit is an examination of your page’s performance and can determine how to improve the performance. Whether you are just starting out as a brand or you have been around for years, auditing can only make your site more optimized. Are you looking to draw more potential customers to your site organically or just looking for a better user experience, an audit can help you. 

A website audit is looking at more than just content, it is also looking at your site’s technical performance. User engagement to site speed all play a key role in your site’s health. But what are some of the key things that we look for when conducting a website audit?

Setting your Website Audit Goals

As I said before, there are a ton of things that we can check for in an audit. However, not all of those points may be beneficial for your brand. Are you concerned that your brand isn’t ranking on search engines as high as it could? Or are you worried that your customers are not finding the information that they are searching for easy enough? Once you figure out what you are trying to audit for, you can start your audit.

Starting your Website Audit

Man using laptop online starting his website audit

Now that you have your goals set, you can start your audit. Whether you are using a site like SEMrus or Hubstop’s Website Grader, below are what you are looking for when conducting your audit. Stick to the checklist and your site will be running and optimized in no time.

Site Health 

Do you have any orphaned pages? What about slow loading pages? You want to make sure that all of these issues are addressed while you audit your site. I have listed some things to make sure that your site’s health is in tip top condition. 


Most sites have a sitemap created for them. It is however your responsibility to make sure that it is submitted to the search engines that you are trying to be seen on. A sitemap is important to your site’s health because it will tell the search engine what pages it can and cannot index to be found on its SERP.

Orphaned Pages

An orphaned page is any page that is not linked to or from any other page on your site. An orphaned page cannot be indexed by a search engine.  Too many orphaned pages on your site can result in anything from you site competing with itself or your potential clients leaving your site before making a purchase. 

Site Speed

speedometer from car

We’ve already discussed site speed when it comes to image sizes on your page. However, there is more to the speed of your site outside of images. Site speed is one of the signals used but SERP algorithms. Meaning, the slower the page runs, the less likely the page is to rank high. This has a lot to do with the user experience as well, the longer the load time is, the more likely your potential customers are to leave the page. You can check your site speed at free sites such as GTmetrix and they will give you recommendations on what to change to increase your speed. 

On Page SEO

Circle graph showing SEO optimization ideas while doing a website audit

I’m sure that you have heard of SEO by now. SEO is the largest driver of web traffic for most brands and should be one of the most important factors for auditing your site. Do you know what words your site is ranking for yet? Now would be a great time for you to find that out. If you haven’t written your content with SEO in mind, this is a great time to try to figure out some Keywords that are relevant to your brand. 

There are plenty of sites that you can check your SEO ranking on, we use SEMrush for our site but Hubstop’s Website Grader is a great resource as well. Your content should be using your keywords in an informing manner, not just stuffing them onto your page. 

Meta Descriptions

One important factor for your site to be indexed is whether or not you have meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are used by search engines to display to the person searching whether or not this page is relevant to their search. If you do not set up your meta descriptions, it will usually show the first sentence on your page. This sentence might have nothing to do with your SEO keywords and might not show up in searches. 

Alt Tags 

Alt tags are used to describe the images on your site. We use alt tags to specify text when an image cannot be shown. They are also used if a user cannot view the image for any reason including vision impairment. When using alt tags, keep your SEO Keywords in mind since alt tags are an added opportunity to improve your user experience of the site. By using your keywords in your alt tags, you are providing more relevance for your content for SERPs to focus on. 

Keywords in Titles and Header Tags

For your website headers, you want to make sure that you have multiple headers, i.e h1 through h5 or however many you need to get your point across. Headers make it easier for your customers to be able to scan through your site. Be sure to use your keywords in your headers as well to really drive home your SEO keywords. These headers also help you show up in SERP, letting more new potential clients find your brand. 


Man using a keyboard searching for backlinks

Backlinks are incredibly important for your website, and notoriously difficult to get. A backlink is basically when another website links your page to theirs. The higher the site authority of the linking page, the better. It shows search engines that you have relevant information on your site. If you are not using an auditing site, and you want to know if you have any backlinks on your site, try https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker

Auditing your site every few months is important for your budding brand or established enterprise. When was the last audit you conducted on your site? Contact us and let us help your website be the best that it can be. 

Adrimedia is a full service graphic design studio located in Orlando, Florida.  Bringing brand identity to Florida is a passion for us all. Let us help your business be the very best it can be.  Contact us at: info@adrimediadesign.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Adrimediadesign

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