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Tough As Nails

About This Project

PureFitRx was designed as a sister brand to Pure Fitness. In order to differentiate itself from the family-friendly line of products, PureFitRx brings along every single product a CrossFit enthusiast needs to complete their WOD.

Pulling inspiration from your daily prescribed workout, showing the sporty logo created a unisex solution as a perfect and active way to implement itself through the wide variety of products planned for launch.



Visual Identity





Defining the look

Knowing the price range and demographic that was aimed for these products, we designed the branding and packaging to reflect the high end nature and playfulness of the yoga series.


Creating a Rugged Look

It was important to showcase the brand in its element. A rougher approach while being used with actual CrossFit enthusiasts in the middle of their workout was an important factor to create authenticity and practical use of the products.


E-Commerce Presence

Informing beginners to the product line and how to use them was a priority that needed to be visually tackled through professional product photography.

E-commerce images were important due to a lack of professional images from e-commerce CrossFit competitors, making the products seem durable and trustworthy in comparison.

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