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Podcasts That We Love Listening to to Stay Productive

August 5, 2020

Written by Marcy Beuses

With a passion for seeing small businesses succeed, Marcy Beuses has two years experience writing content driven articles that are focused on driving conversions and marketing for all start-ups.

There is a podcast out there for everyone

We here at Adrimedia Design love to listen to podcasts while we are working. For me personally, I love working while learning about a new topic or hearing other’s stories. Odds are you have probably listened to at least one podcast, as of April 2020, 55% (155 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast.  No matter your interests, or attention span, there is a podcast out there for you? 

So, we decided to put together a list of our favorite shows to listen to throughout our day. There are so many shows out there for every topic, and sometimes it is hard to find something that “clicks” with you.

True Crime Podcasts

For the same reason that shows like “Dateline Investigates” or “Unsolved Mysteries” are so popular, True Crime Podcasts have become a huge driving force for the platform. People (including myself) love to hear the gorey details of a deranged murderer or want to understand the reason why something so terrible could have happened. 

This genre is not for everyone and I will put a huge disclaimer on all of these recommendations. However, if the true crime genre is something that you enjoy, try any one of these podcasts below:

Last Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left podcast icon. Three men and a smoking skull with red words.

Okay, so I know that this podcast is somewhat divisive, you either love or hate the guys hosting it. However, the information that they give is incredible, whether you are interested in Doom’s Day cults (like Jonestown) or the ins and outs of the mind of a serial killer (like Ed Kemper), you will always learn something new and have a great laugh with the boys. If true crime isn’t your thing, they created an entire network of podcasts that include shows like “The Wizard and the Bruiser” where they do a deep dive into geek culture or “No Dogs in Space, a podcast about the history of Punk Bands. There is literally a Podcast on the network for everyone.


Redhanded podcast icon. Two women with red words. One women is holding a red phone.

These two women have quickly become my favorite ladies of True Crime. They Truly care about the cases that they tell and the victims and survivors of the crimes. The two British ladies have won British Podcast Awards and are all around just killing it.

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven's Gate Podcast icon. Illustrated upside-down profile of a head with a lock inside.

This podcast comes with another massive disclaimer and trigger warning considering the cult’s ending. However, if this is something that you have an interest in learning about, this is listening must, I was brought to tears several times. You hear from former members of the cult as well as family members of the deceased.

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder Podcast icon. The words are made of cut up letters like a ransom note.

The hosts of MFM have become a phenomenon in the True Crime world. They have spearheaded normalizing mental health issues as well as many women’s rights issues. While they are not perfect, they do try to be better and learn.

Dr. Death

Dr. Death Podcast icon showing a gloved hand with a scalpel blade.

This podcast scared me, period. They deep-dive into the story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who was found responsible for the death of two patients and the maiming of an additional four. If you’re planning on going to the doctors anytime soon, I would not listen to this one until after the appointment.

Radio Rental

Radio Rental podcast icon showing a faceless person wearing a red vest.

This podcast is the newest to my rotation. I think I binged it within two days. Think “I Survived” meets “Unsolved Mysteries”, they had a baby and that baby grows up to have its life narrated by Rainn Wilson. You get to hear the real life accounts of people’s most unbelievable moments. From parallel universes, to chance meetings with serial killers, this podcast has everything.

Our Friend’s Favorites

Creative Podcasts

Sometimes, we just need that little spark for our creative juices to continue to flow. Whether you’re looking for design work help or you just are interested in learning a new trade, these podcasts can help you reach your goals.

The Futur with Chris Do

The Futur podcast icon showing a man with a hat smiling on a blue background.

A great curated podcast and topical conversation on what its like to be a designer, and the struggles to polish an artist into being comfortable with thinking of themselves as a business person. Ranging from topics of communication, pricing, psychology, and ultimately how to be the best designer you stride to be, The Futur podcast has everything you need to be a more complete artist.

Design Break

Design Break Podcast icon showing an illustrated dark circle on a beige background with lighting bolts and stars.

Rocky Roark talks with fellow designers and enthusiasts in a way that feels earnest and grounded at the same time. It is always refreshing hearing fellow designers, bloggers, and creative oddities discuss their past, present, and future.

Resourceful Designer

Resourceful Designer podcast icon showing their Logo, an orange D with an R inside.

A fantastic podcast for web designers and graphic artists that aim to perfect the way they do their tasks every day. Filled with suggestions, tips, and everything in between, Mark aims to tackle all your worries and needs and lets you know of the best tools for your design business, one question at a time. I have listened to this podcast since the beginning, and has always been a resourceful podcast even now as a veteran.

The Logo Geek Podcast

The Logo Geek Podcast icon showing a man in glasses smiling with a blue gradient.

Ian Paget brings in seasoned veterans to discuss their craft and professional expertise, and the conversations are always a treat to listen to. They can go from very practical to philosophical in nature, but you can always take a lesson from the amazing stories discussed. Design most of the time, inspirational always.

Gary Vee

The Gary Vee Podcast icon showing a man on a red background smiling.

It’s not always academic lessons when I listen to podcasts, sometimes you just need to get pumped and excited about your day. Outlandish at times, but always well intentioned energy to tackle your day with business and entrepreneurial advice.v

The No Pants Show

The No Pants Show Podcast icon showing a man in headphones sitting on a couch on his computer.

When I need a little perspective on life, The No Pants show just hits right. Life advice mixed with constant verbal support and tactics on how to teach your mind to be a better creative, one day at a time.

Write Along With David and Cargill

Write Along Podcast icon showing an old typewriter.

If you have ever thought about writing, a screenplay, novel, anything, this is the podcast for you. The hosts are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to writing (Cragill wrote for Marvel including the Dr. Strange film). They give advice on writing techniques that will make you a better author.

Comedy Podcasts

Personally, I love to laugh. Whenever I am in a funk and cannot think about working, I have to listen to something light-hearted to keep me going.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Conan O'Brien needs a friend Podcast Icon, showing Conan on a white background with orange lettering.

Conan O’Brien is an American treasure. His witty and silly sense of humor combined with his intelligence is such a breath of fresh air. Even as a late night host, he has always been my favorite. So, when I saw that he was releasing a podcast of his own, where he will just talk to celebrities and other comedians, I was ecstatic! And it did not disappoint. Instead of the normal late night routine where the guest has a pre-approved story to tell and a movie to plug, they actually have real conversations, about real topics. It is a beautiful way to feel more connected with the actors, comedians and stars that join Conan on each episode.

Our Friend’s Favorites


There is literally a podcast out there for everything and everyone. From a book series to horror, you can always find something to listen to!

Not a Podcast ASOIAF Re-Read

No a Podcast ASOIAF icon showing a shield with a dragon on it.

This is not a podcast for most people. This is nerdom at its peak. I am sure that you have heard of the little show called Game of Thrones, and you might even have known that it was based off of a book series by George R.R. Martin. However, this podcast takes everything that you thought you knew and understood from the source material, and hits you right smack in the face because you know nothing Jon Snow! The two men who host this podcast are A Song of Ice and Fire experts. They must eat, sleep, and breathe the books. They also liken the source material to real world events, to drive home the fact that yes, this story is fiction, but it also has a lot of real world inspiration that we can learn from.


Ologies Podcast Icon showing illustrated beakers, bugs, skulls, plants and mushrooms.

Good ol’ Dad Ward, keeping me entertained by asking smart people dumb questions. This spunky goofball knows her stuff, or at least who to ask. Every episode is about another “ologie” and she interviews a top expert in that field. From Crow Funerals to trees, I have learned so much. And don’t let the ologie fool you, you may think that you have no interest learning about bees, but let me tell you, you will want to become a beekeeper after that episode.

Scared to Death

Scared to Death Podcast icon showing a toy box with three scary dolls.

If spooky is more up your alley, you should check out the Scared to Death Podcast. Each week comedian Dan Cummins (Of Time Suck) and his wife tell the stories of sleep paralysis to demons haunting families. Even if you do not believe in the paranormal, this podcast is a great listen, the hosts are very entertaining and have done a lot of research on each topic.

Our Friend’s Favorites

Neon sign in a brick lined basement that says you are what you listen to.

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