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#OrlandoInside : Orlando Artists

September 8, 2020

Written by Marcy Beuses

With a passion for seeing small businesses succeed, Marcy Beuses has two years experience writing content driven articles that are focused on driving conversions and marketing for all start-ups.

A City Making a Comeback Through Orlando Artists

If you walk up and down the city streets, you can see some of the most amazing pieces of art. So, I knew who I needed to talk to this time. The Orlando artists that make our city and the surrounding communities beautiful.

These people are bringing beauty into our communities, both small and large. But who really are they? What are they doing, and why? Art can mean different things to different people. When we see that mural on the wall or a piece in our favorite local shop, we can sometimes forget the person behind that piece.

I needed to find these people who were creating the beautiful pieces that were all over our city. So I decided to continue this #OrlandoInside series to include them. They deserve acknowledgment and love for the things that they are creating and doing for this community. Art keeps us together, and we need to remember that, especially this year.

Orlando Artists help create our community

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to speak with some amazing women who owned their own businesses here in Orlando. My goal was to bring a sense of community and closeness back to Central Florida. Something that had been ripped away from us all due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I had a simple idea. Show the community that even though we were all apart, we could still share in the love for our community together. Even if it would need to be physically distant. 

However, I did not want this to be a one and done article. I knew that it would have to continue.If I wanted to truly foster the sense of community that I knew we all needed. (Including myself.) So I thought about who else makes Orlando, Orlando. Who in our community brings a sense of warmth and beauty that a mouse might not bring to all of us locals.

Morgan Elyce Summers

Bringing Handcrafted back into Orlando Art

Murals and Hand Lettering

Typography has become a super hot trend, and the people who truly understand different fonts and what they mean to consumers are even hotter. More people want that “hand lettered” feel to bring back the handcrafted look. Morgan not only knows how to use this trend to its fullest potential, she also creates beautiful designs that all of Orlando can enjoy.

Her long-term goal with her art is to travel the country, and do a mural in a small town in each state. (I love this idea so much, and want nothing more than for her to be able to achieve this goal!) Not only does Morgan wish to spread community with her art, she is also all about spreading her knowledge with others who wish to pursue the craft. If you are interested in learning more about hand lettering or murals, you can visit her website : https://www.uhbeautifulmes.com/ or you can also find her work on Instagram @uhbeautifulmes

Zoraye Cyrus

Storytelling Through Art

Multidisciplinary Artist

In 2019, Zoraye Cyrus won the International Women’s Art Award, and one look at her work, you can see why. Not only is she incredibly talented, her artwork resonates with so many. As a woman of color, she wanted to show the beauty of the Black community as well as to make sure that everyone was seen and heard. She told me : “If you draw your village, you draw your world”.

If you take a good look at some of her work, you might see an overarching theme of bees, specifically Africanized Bees. This is not in reference to Beyonce (as some have asked) but rather a symbol for African Americans in the U.S. and how they are seen by others. She explained to me that a professor she had gave her the idea to look into this species of Bees, and when she did, she realized that there were several commonalities between the slave trade route and the bee’s migratory patterns. Not only that, she described the way that the media has portrayed these bees as killers and more threatening than other species of bees. When in reality, they are smaller, however when provoked and attacked, they will attack in numbers.

Her passion and creativity blew me away, and after we spoke I took a long look at art with a new perspective. If you want to see more from Zoraye, you can find her on Instagram @zorayecyrus1 or visit her website https://zorayecyrus.squarespace.com/
If you find yourself in Hollywood, Fl this November to February, you can also visit her installation at the 2020 Florida Biennial.


Creating Art and Warmth in Orlando’s LGBTQIA+ and Laxtinx Communities

Pride and Paradisco / Sabal

Sabal understood that unfortunately, sometimes being a part of this community can be a lonely and emotionally taxing experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Thus, Pride and Paradisco was created. Pride and Paradisco is a safe space for members of the LGBT+ community to be vulnerable and comforted by others who have or are experiencing similar trials. It is also a space for them to not only share their experiences, but to share their art as well. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, and we are able to see other humans in person, they will have monthly meet-ups, to further a nurturing community for all.

If you are interested in a safe space to talk about your experience as a member of the LGBT+ community or share your work, you can contact Sabal on Instagram : @whoissabal and @prideandparadisco

The Pride and Paradisco Facebook Group is open to all members of the LGBT+ community but the instagram is open for all to enjoy the wonderful works from community members.

Bianca Nazario

An Orlando Art Collective for All

The Collective Body

Working with her day job at Calvary Church, she and her creative director wanted a way to reach out to other artists and create a community for all that would further creative reach. Together they came up with The Collective Body. A place where different artists, using different mediums can come together, showcase their work, but also most importantly, learn from each other and network.

Back on July 31st, The Collective Body had their first event at Qreate Coffee in the Milk District neighborhood of Orlando. They invited photographers and designers to speak and learn from each other. But Bianca didn’t want to stop there, they will be holding another event On October 17th at Calvary Orlando, called the Creative Harvest. A fun and creative way for Orlando artists to get together to sell their works, drink coffee and create a wonderful community together. The deadline for this event will be October 1st, however, it is open and free to the public. (They will be adhering to physical distancing guidelines, along with CDC guidelines.)
For more information on The Collective Body or the Creative Harvest event, check out their instagram : @collectivebodyorlando of if you would like to see more of Bianca’s work, you can check her out @simplyxbianca and @simplybeeclothingco

Meghan Murphy

Cute Art for Orlando’s Teachers

Educated Alpaca Co.

Barely five minutes into our conversation, we both realized that we had a shared love of Disney’s Orange Bird (she was drinking from an Orange Bird mug, I have a print of him up on the wall of my study). And from that moment, I knew this was going to be fun talking to her. Meghan immediately began showing her passion for the arts and even more interestingly, teacher’s classrooms.

Meghan created Educated Alpaca Co. to give teachers a chance to have a bit of themselves in their classroom. From Mothman to bigfoot or sea friends to frogs, whatever your fancy, she has you covered. In a world where teacher’s might not get to be themselves in their own classrooms. With the education system solely focused on test scores and core education, teachers tend to forget themselves in their classroom, and Meghan saw this as an elementary education major. She is creating a way for teachers to bring their life and heart back into their classrooms, even if their lesson plans have to serve a specific purpose.

If you are a teacher or you know one who would love to incorporate themselves back into their classroom (or virtual class!) check out Meghan’s Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/EducatedAlpacaCo or you can follow her Instagram @educatedalpacaco


Highlighting Artists to Spread Awareness


One thing that is incredibly important to me is the spread of community through your passions, and I think that Lauren from Doe Creative embodies that idea. She has always had her hand in different mediums of art, but wanted to do more. Lauren wanted to create a place for independent artists to showcase their work to others and spread awareness of the great things that are being done in the community.

The Daily Doe (set to launch October, 2020) is a Digital Newspaper that will highlight artists so that they would be able to network and connect with not only other artists, but also clients that were searching for the right artist. Lauren’s dream is extensive, she would love to be able to expand The Daily Doe to the point of being able to house the venture in a physical location, in order to further her reach for these artists. But in order to do that, she needs all of our help, if you are interested in helping The Daily Doe to its fullest potential, you can become a Patreon Supporter for as little as $5 a month. You can also follow her work on Instagram @doecreativeco and @doelaur.

What does art in Orlando mean to you?

Art can mean so many different things to so many different people. The idea of someone in a garage creating a piece of art that can resonate with thousands of people is mind boggling to me. However, people do it everyday. It is their livelihood, their passion or a way to reach others who are going through the same experiences as them. The next time that you see that mural on the side of your favorite bar, know that there is a person behind it, someone who loves this community and wants to share their talent with you.

Want to get in on the fun? Download our #OrlandoInside PDF and share your creation on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #OrlandoInside. Show us what Orlando means to you, what businesses you couldn’t live without or just make it look pretty. Orlando is all about you and what it means to us all.

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