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Make Your Homepage Stand Out

June 10, 2020

Written by Marcy Beuses

With a passion for seeing small businesses succeed, Marcy Beuses has two years experience writing content driven articles that are focused on driving conversions and marketing for all start-ups.

Why your Homepage is Important

Creating your website is an exciting new step in your brand’s journey. It can mean different things to different people. Whether it is for financial freedom or just to get your idea out to the people, your homepage will most likely be your first impression on your audience. Just like with your resume, your homepage is the first thing a potential customer will see. There are so many different ways to design your homepage that it could take all the fun out of it. We have compiled a list of the best ways to keep your homepage simple, yet precise and clear for your prospective clients. 


Navigation bar from Adrimedia's homepage

You must have clear and concise navigation otherwise, you run the risk of your potential customers leaving your site. Have you seen a little hamburger on the top of a web page, or a list of tabs that take you to different pages on the website? This is a key part of your homepage. Navigation will help your customers know where they are going. Think of it as a map for your information, to lead your audience to what they need. If the information is muddled, they could get annoyed and leave without ever knowing what your brand does. 

Make sure that you have a clear behavior flow in mind when setting up your navigation bar. You can actually see what your audience behavior is in your Google Analytics, under “Behavior”. This will show you where the audience goes once they get to your page. If you notice that the majority of people are leaving after your homepage, you might want to reassess your navigation bar. It is best that you keep your navigation bar in your header, that way it is above the fold as well as one of the first things that your audience sees. 


It seems kind of simple, but you want to make sure that your logo is represented on your page. It is the face of your brand, what you want people to recognize. Your logo should be a part of the homepage above the fold (meaning that it should be positioned in the upper half of the web page, so it is visible without having to scroll).

Adrimedia Logo on homepage

Your logo should be the most important part of your branding. If done right, it will make a significant impact on your brand’s public perception. Take a look at our homepage, the Adrimedia logo is on the top left corner of the homepage. You cannot miss it. You want to put your logo on your homepage to promote brand recognition and trust. 


Adrimedia Headline on homepage

Just like with a newspaper or online article, a headline is important. It shows your visitor important information on what they are able to learn. This might be the first thing your visitor may read. If you have a company motto or mission statement, this would be a great place to put it. Make sure this is also above the fold, you want to make sure that your homepage shows what you stand for right off the bat.

A good headline helps your audience know and understand who you are as a brand. It should promote trust for your audience. You should also be using your SEO Keywords here, this will help your online presence for organic searches. Make sure that you have your keywords picked out from the beginning when you are creating your homepage. This will help in the long run. 

Call to Action 

Adrimedia Call to Action on homepage

Your CTA should prompt your viewer to do exactly that. Do you want them to contact you or to visit a certain part of your webpage? You want your call to action to be clean and jump off of the page, do not let it get hidden by other content. There are many different ways to utilize a call to action. Studies have shown that if you choose an image of a woman, making eye contact with the CTA, more users will click there. This does not always work however, if you are stuck with trying to figure out how to utilize a good CTA, this might be a jumping off point for you. 

We choose to put our first call to action above the fold right under our headline. That way, our contact button is one of the first things a viewer sees. It’s best to use more than one call to action buttons on your page, just in case they miss the first one. Try using two to three on your page depending on how much content on your page. If you have a newsletter, a CTA would be a great way to get someone to subscribe.


UX/UI for website and homepage

A key part of your homepage are images. Images will show your audience who you are and what you do. (Check out our previous blog on the choosing images and optimizing them for more help). Choosing the right images for your homepage is important for your website because most people remember an image more than they do words that they read. 

There are several different type of images that you can use for your homepage:

  1. Companies that you have worked with
  2. What you are selling
  3. Your location (brick and mortar store)

Of course there are many more, just make sure that these images are the good, high quality images. Remember, your homepage should be your best foot forward. Do not forget to name your images for SEO purposes, it can only help boost your SEO ranking. 

Written Content

Laptop with a cup of coffee and journal

Who are you, what do you do? Images aren’t the only thing that convey to your audience who you are. Your text content will fill in all the gaps that your images may leave. Make sure that you keep your keywords in mind for your content. These keywords should be in your text naturally, there is nothing more annoying for your viewers than just random words peppered in your text that have nothing to do with the rest of the sentence. Your text content should be around 300 words, for SEO purposes. 


If you are offering a service or product, you probably already have reviews. Showing off your five star reviews to prospective clients is a great way to show that your brand is trustworthy. If you are starting out and have no reviews yet, that is not a problem. You could try offering something to people who give you a five star review on yelp of Google in hopes that you will garner more reviews. 

One you have the testimonials, use at least two full reviews showing off your best qualities. If you have an image of the person who wrote the review, use it (as long as you have their permission). Studies show that if you see the person behind the testimonial, it makes it more trustworthy, more real to the reader. It gives off the sense that you know them, and therefore know that the review is true. 


Adrimedia Footer on homepage

Finally, at the very bottom of the page, you should have your footer. Even though it is at the bottom does not mean that it is unimportant. We use our footer as a way to help with our Local SEO. 

You want to include all other relevant information to your brand.

  1. Company name
  2. Address (if you have a brick and mortar location)
  3. Phone number 
  4. Contact email 
  5. Outbound links to your Social Media Profiles (optional) 

With this information set up, you can use the “Google My Business” feature and get your Local SEO set up for your webpage. In all reality, your footer can be set up as a “global feature” on your webpage so that it is the same on every page you have.

If you are looking to spruce up your homepage, let us help! We can offer a variety of different homepages designs to help your brand’s website set you out in the crowd.

Adrimedia is a full service graphic design studio located in Orlando, Florida.  Bringing brand identity to Florida is a passion for us all. Let us help your business be the very best it can be.  Contact us at: info@adrimediadesign.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Adrimediadesign

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