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The Importance of blogging for your site

January 14, 2020

Written by Marcy Beuses

With a passion for seeing small businesses succeed, Marcy Beuses has two years experience writing content driven articles that are focused on driving conversions and marketing for all start-ups.

Are you missing out on easy traffic to your website? If you keep checking your traffic but there are no new visits, blogging might be for you! 

What is a “Blog”? 

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. It is also an easy and inexpensive way to drive brand awareness and traffic to your website! Studies have shown that 80% of companies that use blogging as a part of their marketing plan reported new clients through blogs. So that means you could be reaching an entirely new audience of clients just by writing about things that you are already well versed in. Focus on the things that you know. Don’t just start a blog on some random subject that you have no experience with. Your audience will know and will not engage with you.

How can blogging help you?

Let’s say that you own a yoga studio and are looking for more local clients to take your classes. How could a blog benefit you and your business? Just by consistently adding blogs to your website, you are providing Google and other search engines with current content to index. Therefore, there are more chances of someone finding your studio Googling “Yoga Studio” in your studio. Combine this with using the proper SEO KEYwords in your blog and you will be drawing the community to your classes. Studies have shown businesses that publish regular content receive eight times more traffic. 

Writing about the things that you know will show your audience that you know your stuff. In keeping with the yoga studio example, if you write about how a specific pose will help you with digestion and flexibility, your readers will trust and believe that you know what you are talking about. They may even be inclined to interact in the comment section of your blog. An active comment section further shows your readers that you are apart of their community. This can lead to building trust and relationships that will last and hopefully bring in more customers.

Now you make your readers work for you. You must set up a “call to action” on each blog that you post. A call to action could be something as simple as following you on any of your social media platforms or sharing your post to receive something from you. This motivates your audience towards becoming your new client and keeps your relationship with your already existing audience fresh. It also allows for your audience to do some work for you. Having them share your content may put your business in front of people who may never have thought that they needed your service.  You should also set up a mailing list and ask for emails; this way you can remind those who forget easily that you’re still here! 

What are SEO Keywords?

SEO Keywords can sound intimidating however they should be a crucial part of how you run your blog. Untapped audience members are constantly looking up specific words on Google that you should be using to your benefit. SEO Keywords are phrases and words on your website or blog that make it possible for people to find your content. Making your webpage well optimized is like making speak the same language as your visitors. They are looking for something specific and you have it! So much of marketing your small business is about research, and there are several resources to help you find your perfect Keywords. 

You may be asking yourself why using these words are even necessary to your website. Websites optimized with SEO leads to a better user experience for your audience. If your audience is looking up “Yoga Studio” but you only have a photo of your studio front and your hours, you are missing out on traffic to your site and in turn, business. However, if you have if you’re constantly writing blogs to keep you relevant in a search engine, your traffic can instantly increase because you are giving your audience what they are searching for. 

With your Keywords in order, your website will also show your audience that you know your stuff. You show your audience that you care and are knowledgeable in the areas that they care about. 

What else can blogging offer?

If the idea of gaining more traffic to your site isn’t enough to excite you, blogging can offer you long term benefits as well.  Have you ever searched for something on Google and one of the top responses is an article from 2004? The information is still relevant but it was just written several years ago. Through blogging, these long term results can help you grow even if the post wasn’t a hit as soon as you put it up. Any small effort you put in today can lead to thousands of eyes seeing your business in the future as long as you are consistent in your postings. 

It is always important to have the perfect information to generate traffic with branding, and knowing your audience to achieve better results.

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