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Our Top 5 Blog Tips to Help Create a Stronger Content Strategy

September 17, 2020

Written by Marcy Beuses

With a passion for seeing small businesses succeed, Marcy Beuses has two years experience writing content driven articles that are focused on driving conversions and marketing for all start-ups.

How can you make a blog work for you?

There is a blog published every .5 seconds. With more than 152 million blogs online, blogging is a great way for your brand to reach a new potential audience. However blog trends tend to evolve rather than change. As a content producer, you need to stay up to date. You must make sure that the people reading our work actually want to continue to read it. Otherwise, what is the point of taking the time each week to produce your content? These are my top five blog tips that I use every week.

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Blog Tip #1 :

Longer, More Researched Blog Posts

Your readers want to know that you are knowledgeable in your field. If they feel like they cannot gain any new information from you, why should they continue to read your content? Audiences now more than ever want to connect with the brands that they love on a personal level. One part of that connection, is whether or not they get something out of that relationship.

Make sure that your audience knows that they can trust you and your brand by putting in the extra effort. Don’t worry, you don’t need to write a PhD dissertation on whatever subject you’re blogging about that week. Just add in some statistics, give your reader some new information.

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Blog Tip #2 :

Post Blogs More Frequently

It seems pretty straightforward, post more content, get more traffic. However, sometimes that can be hard, especially when you are running a business and trying to find the time to blog. It’s best if you set aside 10-30 mins a month, and just write topics that you would want to write about. After you have several topics written, go through and figure out what is actually useful (not all ideas are great ones, and that’s okay!). Then plan out your content calendar.

It’s as simple as that. Whether you are writing several thousand words for just a few hundred, make sure that you are posting often. However, just because you are posting more frequently, does not mean that you can skimp on the content. Figure out the topics that you should focus some more time on, and maybe do one of those a month, depending on how busy you are. The other topics can be quickly written, and you are good to go!

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Blog Tip #3

Optimize your blog for mobile

With social media sites like Pinterest, more and more people are finding their content on the go. If your blog doesn’t hold up to your audience’s on the go lifestyle, your readers can and will find another source for knowledge. More than 48% of webviews come from mobile devices, so it would make sense to have your blog posts optimized for mobile.

You want to make sure that your blogs are in an easy to read format, try using an all white background, or not having popup ads show up every time you scroll. You should also make sure that your images are not too big! If your page takes too long to load on your reader’s phone/tablet, odds are that they will not stay long enough to read it. Remember, your audience has millions of other blogs to go to, and they will unless you deliver the information in an easy to consume way.

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Blog Tip #4


Social media is constantly changing however, when you leverage your social media strategy with your content or SEO strategy, you can gain much more engagement with your brand! Using social media to promote your blog can give you a leg up on not only getting more engagement on your platforms, but also driving more traffic to your blog. You should be using all of these channels together in order for the most impact. Use social media to create relationships with not only your readers, but also an entirely new audience who is interested in what you are writing about. Reward your readers for sharing your content, create contests that get your fans talking about you! There are so many possibilities for using your channels to involve your fans, and in turn getting more people to talk about you.

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Blog Tip #5 :


90% of the information we receive is visual and it is processed at a much faster rate than text alone. Infographics are a fun and creative way for your readers to consume information. They are easily digestible content, because it is usually information wrapped up in a pretty and easily shared package. If you are not creatively inclined, that’s okay! There is a vast ocean for resources online. If you don’t want to use pre-created graphics for your post, you can always hire a freelance graphic designer on websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

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Are you ready to start using these blog tips?

The digital space is constantly changing, but the way we consume information online is only evolving. If you use the above 5 tips for your content strategy, you will be on your way to conquering your digital space. Now, get out there and start blogging!

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